Unfortunately Corr Thieves has to cancel their show at the Wizard Springtime Market this Sunday May 28th 2017. However, we hope that all our fans who can attend this faire will make the effort to check it out.  We know many of the acts, vendors and people who work behind the scenes and know it …


NH Renaissance Faire 2017

We’ll be there!  Look for Avery and Gwen and say hi!  Avery has been a Corr Thief forever (used to go by Maavus).  Gwen is a bit new to the group so be sure to say hi and give her a chance to rob….I mean say Hi back.  Use the link below for more info …


Uther Kicks Garreth!

Remember when Garreth was raising money for some armor?  Well he got the armor and owed a couple of donors a video of him being kicked by Uther!  Funny how one of the donors was Uther….