Uther: “Hey Garreth.”
Garreth: *writing at his desk*
Uther: “Garreth!”
Garreth: “WHAT?! Can’t you see I’m busy?!”
Uther: “Urr, sorry about that.”
Garreth: *Sighs* “Its fine.” *Goes back to writing.*
Uther: “Um  Garreth.”
Garreth: *Grinding his teeth* “What?”
Uther: “What ya doin?”
Garreth: “I’m trying to reply to an email that was sent to us but I won’t be able to finish it if you keep interrupting me! So if you don’t mind, be quiet!”
Uther: “Oh right, sorry.” *grows silent*
Uther: *Silent*
Uther: *Silent*
Uther: *Silent*
Uther: “Garreth.”
Garreth: “WHAT?! WHAT IS IT NOW?!”
Uther: “Am I being quiet enough?”

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