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Our Logo at Spreadshirt.  This is our newest shirt folks.

Corr Thieves at Spreadshirt


Here is a link to the old Captain Avery (Maavus) T. Merrit shirt.  (I am going to make a new one though)

Jollyroger T-shirt at Zazzle




Myschyffe Managed!

Lotus Fire Studios! (Shimmynanigans)

Dima Dance! Member of Lotus Fire Studio

Anderson Magic!

Paul Calvo Classical Guitar!

The Pillage Idiots!

Faire Fiddler Maid!

Buzzards Bay Buccaneers!

More To Come…




The Masquerade

Tintagels Gate

Threads of Time

Antika Nueva

Gypsy Roses

Hickory Arms

More To Come…

Ren Faires Etc!

New Hampshire Ren Faire

King Richards Faire

Abbadia Mare Festival

Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

More To Come…