About Us


“Creating Interesting Dinner Conversations Everywhere.”                                                                           ~JD Lauriat

The Corr Thieves was at first started as an on-line web show and now is mostly a Renaissance Faire Act. Our main thieving ground is the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire in Kingston NH, but you may find us at other faires as well. To see our schedule of soon to be robbed Faires and Events click on the “Schedule” link to the right.


What do you we do?!DSC_2043

We sing, we dance, we drink, we laugh, we cry and more often then not we rob you blind! Okay, actually we are an action packed comedic extravaganza! Or maybe just a comedic act with tons and tons of action! How about a comedic act with some awesome action? WAIT! I got it! How about this:

“High Flying Fantasy Comedic Action!”
~Andrew Jefferson

Don’t want to wait for a faire or event to see our show?!  Click the “Act Videos” link to the right.  OR click HERE!

The web show?

The web show chronicles the misadventures of thieves guild members and their friends. It takes place in the Corr Universe which is a hugely nerdy endeavor that is too embarrassing to talk about right now. But, someday we will have a webpage for it and provide a link so you can laugh at us…more.  Oh right! The show.

maavgarrThe show used to be serial. NO not the kind you eat! As in each update led into the next. Schedules, life and lack of money proved that we needed to make some changes and so we did. Then schedules and life reared their ugly heads yet again and so the show is going through some more changes. But have no fear, we fully intend on filming again!

So yeah, that in a nutshell is who and what we are. If you want to know more about our characters just scroll down. If you are interested in having us perform at your faire, please use the “Contact” link. Use the contact link if you have any questions really. Oh and be sure to check out all our friends pages on our Links page!  And maybe buy some SWAG in our Stores!


The Corr Thieves Bios’

Lord Jonathan Caspian:

The leader of this mess called the Corr Thieves.  Lord Caspian has a short fuse when it comes to Garreth and Uther’s silly games but he knows their skills are to great to let go of.  He won’t admit it, but he has grown to enjoy the silliness and finds it a nice break from the normal grind of being a master mind in charge of a huge thieves guild that could take over the world.

Lord Aiden Fafnir:

A lower level boss in the guild, Lord Fafnir is a bit jealous of Lord Caspian and would love to have his job.  But Fafnir tends to be loosed lipped at the wrong times and can be easily persuaded into decisions that he thinks are his own. This flaw is something that Caspian, Garreth and Uther use to their advantage.  Fafnir is of noble blood of course and so very useful to the guild for his connections….and money.  Lord Caspian would often put Fafnir “In Charge” of Garreth and Uther when ever he needed a break from them.  Fafnir also has grown to enjoy the silliness of the two and will often partake in the  hijinks.

Garreth the Rogue:

He is very very nice.  You should trust him but otherwise make yourself believe that you never saw him as he knows where you live.  He is standing behind me with a knife…….

Uther Swordbreaker:

Well what can be said about this most impressive man?  He is great! Great! Great! Comes from a great family of warriors and thinkers!  His mothers cooking is amazing!  He is really strong in both mind and body.  He used to work for Fafnir but was tricked by Caspian and Garreth into the employ of Caspian.  But Uther doesn’t really mind as he has more freedom to do as he likes.  He is also standing behind me….with a very large hammer…..

Captain Avery T. Merritt:

Captain Merritt is well known for his uncanny ability to drink any and all alcohol within an arm’s reach. However, as drunk as he may be for most of the day, sobriety shall appear in an instant when his or his crew’s lives are in danger. Only a fool threatens the life of one he cares of, as his pistol shot could shoot the wings from a fly and his blade is said to be too fast to be seen.